Services Unique to Area

  • Orthopedic and TTA Knee Surgery done onsite by Dr. Pete (vs contracted to an outside veterinarian)
  • Digital X-Ray and Dental X-Ray
  • Complex Oral Surgery (Onsite by Dr Pete)
  • Gentle dentistry (Our clients recover quickly, due to gentle technique, and most current technologies)
  • Laser Surgery
  • Laser Therapy
  • PRP Regenerative Injections


Behavioral Consulting

We all have pets that have disagreeable habits. When they become overwhelming, we can help to reestablish a balanced harmony to the home.


Blood Pressure Monitoring

Yes, dogs and, especially, cats can get high blood pressure, too. With regular monitoring and medications, side effects can be limited and pets can live longer and healthier.


Cardiology Evaluations

Baseline EKG readings and monitoring can be performed on site. If significant abnormalities are detected, we can then refer your pet for further testing, if needed.



Removing calculus and diseased teeth stops the flow of dangerous bacterial toxins from further attacking the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. This is one of the single most important preventions you can give your pet for a longer, healthier life. Imagine not brushing your teeth for 3 years or more!



Allergies and skin parasites are among the most common problems in our pets. We can work with you to evaluate and create the best solution to reduce or eliminate these issues.



Dogs and cats surpassing the 7 year mark are considered geriatric. Senior evaluations can be an invaluable tool to assess special needs and prolong your friend’s life.


In-House Lab Tests

We offer complete blood counts, chemistry evaluations of internal organ functions, urinalysis, cytology and specific testing for a number of common and/or serious diseases. Since our medical equipment is on-site, we can provide quicker evaluations and treatment.


Laser Surgery

See our Case Study: Laser Neuter under Surgery section.

Laser surgery is performed by utilizing a high frequency beam of light to cut and cauterize, which reduces bleeding and speeds healing.

Oral Surgery

See our Case Study: Trixie: Oral Surgery under Surgery section.

Does your pet have nasty breath, rub its face on the rug often, or appear to have a sinus infection? Your pet could have periodontal disease and/or need to have a few teeth extracted. Dr. Pete performs several oral surgery procedures that are common to specialty practices. This is one of his special areas of interest. The staff has also attended several hours of continuing education in this area. With the aid of digital radiography and progressively schooled staff, we can get your pet feeling like new!



Dr. Pete performs many orthopedic surgeries that are typically done at specialty clinics, for example: TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement; see TTA Surgical Repair article), ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), Luxating Patella (trick knee), FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy), UAP (Ununited Anconeal Process), OCD(Osteochondrosis Dissecans) and implements various techniques in his practice.


Puppy and Kitten

A young pet has many special needs, such as training, good nutrition, worming and a specific vaccination schedule to ensure they grow up healthy and strong. We have designed special puppy/kitten wellness programs for our young pets to ensure the best care at affordable rates.


Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Pete also provides several soft tissue reconstructive surgeries including: Entropion Surgery (Eyelid Correction), Soft Palette Resection, Stenotic Nares (opening of nasal passage), Vulvoplasty, Total Ear Canal Ablation, Lateral Ear Resection, Anal Saculectomy, Medial Canthoplasty, Dewclaw Removal, Pyometra Surgery, Tail Docks.


Spay and Neuter

We highly recommend spaying or neutering for multiple reasons. By having these surgeries done by the age of 6-18 months, you can greatly decrease the chance of mammary cancers and uterine infections in females and prostate cancers in males. In addition, “roaming”, “marking” and aggression issues can be greatly diminished in males.



We offer all required and elective vaccinations. We can help explain why they are needed, and how often they are required.


Video Scope

A video scope consists of a tiny digital camera at the end of an exploratory instrument. It allows the doctor, and owner, to see tissues (i.e. ear tissues, eye tissues, etc…) via a computer screen. It is not only convenient, it improves diagnostic capabilities.