Progressive Pet Dentistry

We do dentistry a little differently

  • We use state-of-the-art pain management protocols. Although more expensive, this includes pre-medication, nerve blocks when needed and continued pain relief during and after surgery.  As a result, most pets feel better right after surgery and eat the same day. 
  • We don’t just scale and polish teeth.  We conduct an oral assessment, measure gum pockets and take x-rays to assess damage that lurks under the gum line.  We also use industry leading anesthesia and heart rate monitoring equipment, similar to those used in human medicine.
  • Our team is also specially trained, and can perform oral surgery the same day if broken or damaged teeth are discovered, saving a second trip and anesthesia procedure.
  • And speaking of oral surgery – During tooth extractions, an un-trained practitioner may leave portions of the root under the gum line, which can cause life-long pain. Our surgeon is trained to carefully cut, and gently remove roots from the jaw bone, to eliminate any long-term pain.

Your Pet’s Dental Health Starts With You!

Has it been awhile since your pet’s last oral exam?   No worries!   Give us a call at 651-257-4030 to schedule an exam.  The exam fee will be credited back at the time of the dental.