Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion- Cyd

A noble heart will not go part way! That saying fits my dog, Cyd. She achieved her FC, AFC by the age of 25 months which is almost unheard of in pointing dog field trials. She also knows the inside of the U of M veterinary intensive care unit and Dr. Pete’s office and operating room well. In fact too well based on my pocket book!

At age 17 months she had to overcome a lung infection probably introduced while hunting in North Dakata or from a stick during field trial competitions. At 31 months of age she impaled a 2 1/2 in stick into her left eye in Hayward, WI while grouse hunting. As a result of that her eye had to be removed to save her life and let the infection escape. She welped a litter of 9 pups at age 3 yrs. As a result of heavy antibiotic use in the previous traumas to her body she got self induced immune-mediated meningitis 10 days after whelping her pups. Dr. Pete was called to the rescue on a Sunday morning and was very instrumental in working with me to save Cyd and her 9 pups. He told me that Sunday morning that if any dog could make it through this ordeal it would be Cyd because of the heart she had. He knew her well and said she was one of a kind. All has worked out well with Cyd. She has enjoyed the last two hunting seasons with me.

Dr. Pete and his staff were very instrumental in saving Cyd’s life. For that, she and I thank you immensely. In fact, Pete now owns one of her nine pups called George.

Dr. Pete and his staff have been my veterinarians since he came to the Chisago Lakes Area. I would highly recommend his services.

Gary Moe — Moe Shorthairs

Chisago City, MN.