A couple from Michigan knew something was wrong with their beloved Gypsy the minute she came out of the reeds sneezing and rubbing her nose. On closer examination, the owners could see a bit of blood in her nose. They brought Gypsy to their primary Veterinarian in Michigan who was not able to see anything wrong. Then they consulted a second Doctor with the same results. This led the owners to start their own research, and they found Dr. Pete Lukasik. They knew he would be the one to help their Gypsy, due to his extensive Surgical skills and his work with hunting dogs.  The owners made a quick decision to pack up and drive 6 hours from Michigan, to see Dr. Lukasik. When they arrived , Dr. Lukasik started with a video scope exam of the nasal cavity.  With the video scope, Dr Lukasik and his team were able to see a small black dot at the very back of the nasal cavity,  then they used a special instrument to carefully pull the object from Gypsy’s nose. When the object was fully removed, it turned out to be a  3 ½ inch reed that was lodged approximately 1 inch from the brain.

After Gypsy’s recovery, her owners said “It was worth the 6 hour drive to see Dr. Pete.” They were so happy to find the issue they knew was there.

During our follow-up call, Gypsy’s owners said “She is feeling 100% better!”

We’d like to thank Gypsy’s owners for not giving up and doing whatever it took to help her feel better. It is extremely gratifying for the Lakes Veterinary and Surgical Center team to know they helped Gypsy feel better, and may have saved her from significant complications if the stick had not been removed.