This is our Honeypie!

Honeypie was a stray that my husband found (or should I say he found my husband) about 6 years ago. We got married 3 ½ years ago and brought our wonderful cats together for one, big, happy family. Or so we thought. Honeypie did not take well to his new siblings at all. He began marking his territory and causing all sorts of trouble! For 3 ½ years, we have tried everything to solve the “problem”.

When we came to see Dr. Pete and Dr. Meaghan, it was quickly diagnosed that a good part of Honeypie’s problem was that he was in pain from severe dental problems. Last week, we had the surgery done and had six (that’s right, I said SIX) teeth extracted from poor Honeypie’s mouth. Well, I cannot tell you how much Honeypie has changed!! He is a new cat! This nine-year old cat is playing like a kitten! And he comes and snuggles with us, which he never did in the past. I am so happy that we invested the money to take care of this problem. I truly believe that our troubles may be resolved. Time will tell. We’ll keep you posted! Thank you so much!


Sue and Scott Kirby